Best Live Wheel of Fortune 2021 – Games based on the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is maybe the one of the most popular Live Game Shows of all time. But this game is not as unique as most of you will think. The debut of the Wheel of Fortune was made in 1975 and has never been out of our lives. This is a game that has reached multiple generations. It began with a TV show which is really familiar with the older generations. The newer generations know the Wheel of Fortune from the Live Game Shows. The Wheel of Fortune is considered as a family entertainment game.

Nowadays the best game providers developed and modified these games into a Live Game Show. But that’s not the only place where you can find this Wheel of Fortune. Game providers integrate this wheel in some video slots and most of the time in the bonus game. This bonus game could give you some additional cash or bonus rounds. The Wheel of Fortune is also a well-known game at a real land-based casino. But the Wheel of Fortune is mostly familiar because of the Live Game Shows. You can find these Wheels at almost every online casino. A lot of big providers tried to make a Live Game Show with the Wheel of Fortune. In this article we will tell you more about these Live Game Shows from the biggest providers.

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Best Casinos with Wheel of Fortune Game Shows

We only add casinos with the best Wheel of Fortune games. These Game Shows have become really famous over the last few years. It all starts with the release of Dream Catcher Money Wheel from Evolution Gaming in 2017. This was the first Game Show with the classic Wheel of Fortune in it.

In the last couple of years there are a lot more Game Shows introduced in the business. More and more game providers want to develop a Game Show with the Wheel of Fortune. Nowadays you can also play these games from providers like Pragmatic Play and Playtech. In the table below you can find the best online casinos with Game Shows which are based on the Wheel of Fortune.

How does a Wheel of Fortune game work?

The working of the Wheel of Fortune is pretty simple. There is a human dealer who spins the wheel and you can place your bet and guess the outcome. This is exactly how it works in a land-based casino. A big table with numbers and you just have to bet on the number you think it will land on.

As an online casino it works just the same. You see a big wheel on the screen from your mobile phone, tablet, computer or Smart TV. There’s a human dealer somewhere in the world standing next to this wheel. There are studios with these Wheels of Fortune all over the world. Depending on the wheel you can bet on the numbers they offer you. For example: When you play Dream Catcher Money Wheel from Evolution Gaming, you can bet on the number 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The dealer in the studio somewhere will spin the wheel and entertain you with his chat. If the wheel lands on your number, you win. But if the wheel ends on another number, you lose.

Within these studios you’ll find the best HD or 4K cameras. The gameplay and online experience is the top priority of all the casinos. They want you to feel the same as in a normal casino. The experience should be just the same. You can talk with the dealer with the chat function. They will talk back to you and you can have a conversation with them. You can also talk to the players who are also playing that game, but you don’t have to. You can choose to talk with the other players and the dealer or to just play the game. This makes an online casino more social.

Wheel Variations

Not all the wheels are the same. They vary in many different ways from each other. The colors, numbers and pockets vary from each other. These are only the differences that you can notice when you open the game. It doesn’t make any difference for the game you’re playing. All these wheels have the same goal but another way to play it. There are more differences that can be noticed when you play, but these differences are not that visible on the eye. A couple of examples of these differences are the house edge, pay-outs, betting options and bonus games.

It’s important to make the right decision if you’re looking for the right Wheel of Fortune. Choose the amount of pockets you like with the best pay-outs. It’s also important that there are bonus games involved with these “Wheels”. You can play a normal Wheel of Fortune, but it could pay you more if you’re playing a Wheel with a great bonus game like Monopoly Live.  

The biggest variety of the wheels is the amount of pockets. In every city or country they have other pockets. The wheels that you can find at online casinos are:

Atlantic City – 54 pockets
Australia – 52 pockets
Charles Town – 54 pockets
Macau – 52 pockets
Las Vegas – 54 pockets


Wheel of Fortune Game Shows

There are 3 big game providers who are offering these Wheel of Fortune games to their players. These names can be found at almost every online casino, at least one of these names. If a casino isn’t offering games from one of these 3 game providers, this is not a great casino in my opinion. The game providers that you can find at the most online casinos are:

Evolution Gaming
Pragmatic Play

All these providers are offering different Wheel of Fortune games. In this paragraph I’ll explain the games from these providers. We will highlight the biggest providers and their best Wheel of Fortune Game Shows. You can choose which game you like and you want to play. If you decide which games you want to play, you can look for a casino who is offering you the games from this provider.

Evolution Gaming

This game provider, Evolution Gaming, is maybe the biggest provider of online Live Casino Games. And they are definitely the market leader if it comes to Live Game Shows. If you want to play high end game shows, I recommend you to play games from Evolution Gaming. A lot of online casinos offer Game Shows from Evolution Gaming. They offer a total of 3 Wheel of Fortune based Game Shows. But of course they have a lot more. Here we will explain more about these Wheel of Fortune based Live Dealer Game Shows.

Dream Catcher Money Wheel

The first Money Wheel game Evolution Gaming developed was Dream Catcher. They launched this game in 2017 and it was the first Money Wheel game show. The idea of the Game Show is simple but it was a complete success. I’ll explain how this game will work. The goal of the game is to guess the outcome of the spin. You can bet on 6 different numbers like 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. The higher the number the less times you can find it on the Money Wheel. The betting systems works as follows:

€10,- on the number 2 = (2 x €10) + Your Bet = €30
€5,- on the number 10 = (10 x €5) + Your Bet = €55
€10,- on the number 40 = (40 x €10) + Your Bet = €410


You can also spin a multiplier, a 7x and 2x. This means that the prize you’ll get the next spin will be multiplied. This means that if your initial win would be €410 (like the last example), but the spin before was 7x, you’ll win a total of €2870. And this with just a bet of €10.

Monopoly Live

Everybody knows the board game Monopoly Live. Evolution Gaming transformed this into a Wheel of Fortune Game Show. And this is now an established name in the online casino business. The Wheel looks exactly the same as the Dream Catcher Wheel. This game also works the same as the Dream Catcher game. But with Monopoly Live you have a bonus round that comes with it.

The numbers you can bet on are 1, 2, 5 and 10. But there’s more to bet on. You can also bet on the bonus game, there are 3 more pockets with other outcomes ‘Chance’, ‘2 ROLLS’ and ‘4 ROLLS’. If the wheel lands on ‘Chance’, you get a random prize drop or a multiplier for on the wheel. And if you’re lucky, the wheel lands on ‘2 ROLLS’ or ‘4 ROLLS’  and you activate the bonus game. And this is the moment when Mr. Monopoly comes to life.

The Bonus Game

When you activate the bonus game, you’ll enter the 3D Monopoly world. This is a gigantic virtual Monopoly board. Real dice will be thrown and Mr. Monopoly will walk. Every street has its own multiplier which will multiply your initial bet. It works just the same as a normal Monopoly board. So doubles don’t count as a throw and you get another throw. There are also Chance cards which could give you random cash prizes and multipliers.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is another gem from Evolution Gaming. They took the Dream Catcher wheel, but with a couple of bonus games. You can get enormous multipliers and this could go up to 25.000x! You can bet on the number from Dream Catcher, but number 20 and 40. They replaced that with 4 bonus games. You can find these bonus games below. If you want to read more about Crazy Time. I recommend you to read the reviews about the Live Game Shows:




PlayTech has been a software provider for the gambling business since 1999. They are an established name when it comes to the best online casino games. They offer software for games like Poker rooms, Sports Betting, Mobile Gaming, Scratchcards, Live Dealer games and other arcade games. But they recently developed two Wheel of Fortune Game Shows.

Spin a Wheel

This Spin a Wheel looks a bit like Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming. The numbers on the wheel are just the same (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40). Also the two multipliers are on the wheel, the 2x and the 7x. But there is a difference when it comes to the things you can bet on. You get the chance to bet on “Odd” or “Even”. This means you guess if the number it lands on is an odd or even number. The pay-out is a bit different from each other . The chances of hitting an odd number is higher, so the pay-out is 0.75:1. For the even number it’s 1.25:1. You can also bet on the “Multiplier”. You bet that the multiplier will come. This pays 25:1.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

This Wheel of Fortune based Game Show, but with the Alice in Wonderland theme. There’s a real human dealer who spins the wheel for you. There are 54 segments with numbers on it. These numbers are 1, 2, 5 and 10. The pay-out of these numbers are just the same as every other game. So till now there’s no difference between ‘Adventures Beyond Wonderland’ and other Wheel of Fortune games. But you can trigger a bonus game on the wheel. There are 3 types of bonus games:

Magic Dice
2 Wonderspins
5 Wonderspins


Pragmatic Play

Most of the online casino players know Pragmatic Play from a couple of their really popular casino games. Together with names as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming, they provide maybe the best online casino games on the market. They are famous for their big Drops & Wins tournaments. But for a short period they brought new Wheel of Fortune Game Shows on the market.

Live Mega Wheel

Pragmatic Play also developed their own Wheel of Fortune. It’s a bit bigger than the normal Wheel of Fortunes you’re used to. They are offering the same amount of segments, a total of 54. But there are 9 numbers you can bet on. You can bet on the numbers 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40. And also with these numbers, the pay-out is also the same.

There’s a difference that makes this game more interesting. There are some random multipliers that drop on these numbers. A multiplier can go up to 500x on the numbers 15, 20, 30 and 40. This means that you can get a multiplier of 20.000x! These multipliers will be given after the betting period. So with a little luck you hit a big amazing multiplier on your number. You walk away with an amazing win.

Money Drop Live

Money Drop Live is one of the newer games on the market. It’s a game from Pragmatic Play and really exciting game play. Of course this game is also based on the Wheel of Fortune, but this one is way different from the normal Wheel of Fortune game. There’s a wheel with only a multiplier on it (8x, 15x, 30x, 100x, 250x, 1000x and 2500x). You can determine on which multipliers you want to bet.

After the wheel lands on your multiplier, the game starts. The money you’ve won is not yours in the first place. A mini game will start. You can choose between 4 Drop Zones, A – B – C – D. With the lower multipliers, there’s only 1 Drop Round and with the higher multipliers you have 2 or 3 Drop Rounds. It’s up to you  if you want to split your money or you want to gamble on one Drop Zone.

You also can spin Card Clash. This is kind of a Bonus Game. The dealer shuffles the cards and you have to decide if you choose the Pink or Blue side. The dealer deal 2 card (one for Blue and one for Pink) and they play a High Card game. The pay-out will be as follows:

1 Win of your Side is 5x
2 Wins of your Side is 15x
3 Wins of your Side is 95x
3 Times a Tie is 1.000x


In my opinion this is a great new way to play the Wheel of Fortune. Pragmatic Play really tried their best to try something different than the other providers. If I were you, I would give it a try.

Author: Peggy Garza